Aya brand identity brand identity collaboration by Tuesday Stevenson
Aya Business Cards
Aya Chinese restaurant brand identity and menu design by Tuesday Stevenson
Aya oriental restaurant brand identity and signage design
Aya brand identity and menu design by Tuesday Stevenson


Chinese fine dining restaurant
brand identity


Aya Court is a new fine dining Chinese restaurant located in Ascot in London. The target audience is predominantly the local affluent English community.


The logo was inspired by oriental art and motifs which is reflected through its symmetry, refined serifs, elegant structure and repeated pattern.


The look and feel of the business card, menu and signage look to reflect the name ‘Aya’ which means ‘elegance’ in Chinese. The business card and menu are finished using foil emboss and spot ink printing techniques. The signage consists of an elegant gold anodised aluminium totem and facade mounted panels. They have a consistent look and feel using the bespoke Aya pattern with a contrasting texture.

This project was completed when working at Spaceagency and was a collaboration with Telli Nourkeyhani.

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