International brand identity aimed at intellectual property attorneys

Extracting a brief from the company directors was a process in itself due to the number of shareholders. Finally, I identified three core values as key to convey to the customer, these were; precision, partnership and process. The brand name reflects the nature of the service relationship in which the customer delegates their administration.


The logo was designed to look professional and trustworthy conveying the three core values via the woven geometric diamonds (braid) and contemporary logotype. The layout of all branded collateral was informed by the shapes and negative space of the cropped braid. This approach resulted in dynamic and unexpected compositions working across the suite of collateral.


I constructed a comprehensive brand identity with guidelines for print and digital design. I led projects including; sales collateral, website UX & UI, advertising campaigns used for digital, international conferences and events, design and promotion of a webinar series (resulting in $2m+ of work in the first episode) and online platform UX & UI.