Dubai Expo 2020
Signage and wayfinding for Dubai Expo 2020

SpaceAgency was appointed to carry out the wayfinding strategy and design for Dubai Expo 2020 in the UAE. The theme for the event is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.’ The masterplan consists of three petals radiating from the centre point. Each of these petals were appointed a sub-theme; Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability.


While the product design was modular and consistent across the site, the graphics aimed to communicate the different themes using colour. The graphic language, used shapes inspired by artefacts found in the region which represented the connecting of past and present. The shapes were placed with merging paths between them in a reference to the ‘connecting minds’ concept.


The information strategy was to apply one piece of information per panel. The signage was to be clear and consistent throughout. The information and panels, in instances, work together to create direction, aiding the understanding for international visitors. The typeface was specially designed for the event and was applied to the signage and wayfinding with legibility and international guidelines as key drivers.