“This was speculative work, so developed without a brief from me. I was therefore extremely impressed with Tuesday’s intuitive understanding of the Fraoch brand and her ability to translate it into a fresh identity. It has a very professional look, without being overly corporate, and retains an openness and approachability. This combination is vital for a specialist-marketing consultancy that mainly interacts with known contacts. It is lovely work, and I am seriously considering using it!”

– Heather McKinlay, 29/07/11

Fraoch Website_Tuesday Stevenson


Rebrand for a strategic
marketing agency

The rebrand of the existing strategic marketing company, ‘Fraoch,’ meaning ‘heather’ in Gaelic, was named by the company’s proprietor Heather McKinlay.

I exploited the fact that Fraoch was difficult to pronounce, by adding a  phonetically spelled caption to the identity. This then became an advantage to the brand, by standing out among other agencies.

The final branded outcomes encompass the key brand messages of intelligence, realistic optimism and directness. The set of stationery and website, convey a simplicity with underlying complexity. The style is professional and corporate but also personal to Heather.

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