Merlin Planterose

Jewellery designer, Merlin Planterose logo designed by Tuesday Stevenson
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Merlin Planterose_Label
Jewellery designer, Merlin Planterose

Merlin Planterose

Jewellery designer based in rural Scotland

Jeweller, Merlin Planterose, designs and makes jewellery from a log cabin, made by her father, in the woods of Ullapool in the Scottish Highlands.

Her jewellery is inspired by the north of Scotland, the current collection is influenced by the story of Lady Grey held capture on the island of St. Kilda. Merlin’s jewellery is exquisite and since launching the brand in 2012 she has gained a lot of attention from customers and galleries.

I wanted to show the authenticity behind the Merlin Planterose brand and therefore used the log cabin as inspiration for the brand identity. There is a story to be told from the logo of where the jewellery was born from ideas and inspiration to the raw materials and craftmanship.

The rest of the brand identity is in keeping, with an elegant style appealing to the brand’s sophisticated audience.

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