Solar Innovation Centre

Solar Innovation Centre promotional event banner design by Tuesday Stevenson
Solar Innovation Centre brand identity and brochure design by Tuesday Stevenson
Solar Innovation Centre brand identity and app design by Tuesday Stevenson
Solar Innovation Centre logo designed by Tuesday Stevenson

Solar Innovation Centre Identity

Brand identity for visitor centre in Dubai solar park

The award winning building for the new Solar Innovation Centre, situated in the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, reinforces Dubai as a leading example of sustainable design both in the region and internationally. The Solar Innovation Centre forms the hub of the solar park with an important exhibition, education and research function.

The brief for the brand identity was to capture the key themes and functions of the Solar Innovation Centre in a multi-lingual logo and visual language. While previously working on the exhibition and interior design, I based the concept around a ‘power grid’ idea, symbolising the journey that energy takes from the sun to our homes and businesses. I wanted to make sure the brand identity worked with this existing visual concept.

The outcome aims to capture and convey the key idea of the sun being harnessed by technology. This is symbolised in the logo by an abstract yellow circle and a photovoltaic panel, which combine to create a contemporary abstract identity. The logo also works with the existing ‘power grid’ idea, achieved by using the 45° angles in the logo and ‘grid line’ graphic in the visual kit of parts.

The bright yellow colour was chosen to instantly evoke the idea of the sun and has an injection of ‘energy’ next to black and white photography. These elements, scaling the logo and use of grid lines combine to create a rich and contemporary visual language for the brand identity.

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