Scottish duo playing original contemporary folk music

Emma and Isbel are talented composers and musicians. With Emma on violin and Isbel on clarsach, together they form Turadh (too-rah). Playing a mix of traditional, modern, jazz and folk music, they bring an original and edgy sound to the Scottish music scene. I was honoured to be given the task of reflecting these qualities in a brand identity.


The name Turadh (meaning ‘a break in the clouds between showers’ in Gaelic), inspired me to look at rainbows. Graphically, the parallels between this and the string instruments interested me. I chose to explore the existing identity that Emma and Izzie already portrayed daily, that of two inspiring, talented and softly spoken red-heads.


The resulting logo and brand identity introduces a refreshing twist to the traditional community. It captures the duo’s originality, with in a vivid red hair icon. There is a balance and understanding between the figures and the string instruments and rainbow are symbolised through bold stripes. Photography in the scottish landscape promotes these qualities in an organic way that contrasts the geometric graphics.