Virgin cruises
Wayfinding for a young audience onboard Virgin Cruises

Virgin Cruises intend to offer a new type of cruising for a youthful, party and adventure seeking audience. Initially, SpaceAgency were tasked with the signage and wayfinding design for the three lift and stair cores on the ship.


The concept was inspired by mapping and navigation at sea. A lit compass rose, located in the centre of each core, helps to orientate visitors on each level of the ship. Vertically, the ship revealed different layers of wildlife, next to a depth gauge, as if the ship was a floating island.


By reducing content and using clever layout, the lift directories communicate only the relevant information to visitors. Illustrations of sea life and plants accompany the depth gauge to help act as distinguishing features to aid in wayfinding.
Additionally, an app allows residents to locate and meet with friends on the ship.